Wednesday, 11 March 2015

1st National Youth Agric Festival
Abuja. March 16, 2015
Theme: ‘Youth Transformational Leadership in
Agribusiness - the ATA & YEAP Nexus’
Abuja, Nigeria – Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative (FBIN) cordially invites the
youth and stakeholders in Agriculture to the YFarm 1st National Youth Agric Festival on
Monday, March 16, 2015 by 08:00am at the Raw Materials Research and Development
Council, Maitama, Abuja. Nigeria.
The Festival is a key component of the Youth Farm (YFarm) project initiated by Fresh & Young Brains
Development Initiative and Alexijan Consults with the aim of transforming Africa and indeed Nigeria by
mainstreaming Youth into Agriculture for shared prosperity, improved livelihoods for inclusive growth
and sustainable development. The project aims to establish and promote at least 10,000 youth-led farms
and agribusinesses across Africa by 2020, as well as highlight the benefits of farming for youth
development and sustainable livelihoods. The goal is to promote a youth-led agribusiness society, reduce
poverty and increase active youth participation in sustainable agriculture by 2020. We also aim to draw
young people out of Poverty, into Sustainable Agriculture and closer to God.
The Festival will provide a unique platform to celebrate Nigerian youth in Agriculture, provide
networking and direct access to market for youth-led farms and agribusinesses. The Festival
featured the Keynote Address by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,
Goodwill messages by key stakeholders in Agriculture, YFarm Award for 5 outstanding youth in
Agriculture, Agribusiness Clinic, Documentary, Marketplace, Red Carpet, Special Performances
and Open Mic. Highlight of the Festival was the Launch of the YFarm Compendium of Youthfriendly
Policy Framework on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment.
The Festival will be hosted across Nigeria and Africa (June 4th in Ethiopia) annually. This
maiden edition of the Festival is jointly organized by Fresh & Young Brains Development
Initiative and Alexijan Consults with endorsement from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture &
Rural Development and AYICC and supported by Oxfam Nigeria, Trust Africa and Golden
The festival will host over 200 Youth and Agric Stakeholders, including High Level Government
Officials, Agric/Research Organizations, members of the Diplomatic & International community,
Media, and other Stakeholders in Agriculture.
The event was live streamed on and linked to
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#YFarm, #GROWversation, @fbinaija, @fbinaija1
Facebook: FBIN YFarm Campaign, Youth and Women in Agribusiness,

Sunday, 22 February 2015

AIM                                                                              The Festival is a unique platform to celebrate youth-led farms and agribusinesses, build capacities of young people in the sector and engage with relevant stakeholders.
To promote a youth-led agribusiness society, reduce poverty and increase active youth participation in sustainable agriculture.
1.      To promote mentoring and business opportunities for young farmers and agropreneurs
2.      To create a platform to enable youth and stakeholders to appreciate the role of Agriculture in rebuilding the Nation.
3.      To provide a unique platform to support and integrate youth into the Nation’s Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP), Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) and Africa Vision 2063
4.      To advocate for increased public investments in small scale Agriculture for youth
5.      To celebrate Nigerian youth in Agriculture which will be translated into specific proposals and recommendations to governments and development partners at the end of this campaign.
1.         Production:
             a. Crop
             b. Livestock
             c. Aquaculture
2.         Agro Processing and Packaging

3.         Agribusiness/Agropreneurship:
            a. Innovation
            b. Marketing
            c. Sales
            d. Branding
            e. Networking
            f. Advocacy
            g. Consulting
            h. Training
1.         Applicant shall be a Nigerian Youth resident in any part of Nigeria
2.         Applicant shall be a male or female farmer or agropreneur between the ages of 18-35 years.
3.         Applicant shall be willing to mentor other youth in their area(s) of specialization.
4.         Applicant must have been involved in any of the award categories mentioned above for at least 2years.
1.      Scale of Operation: Small, medium and large scales of operation are considered. Size and number of various enterprises identified in category (1) above, e.g. Size of land/crops, number of livestock and poultry, surface area of fishpond(s), number of beehives and the yield realized from these are used to classify scale of operation where applicable.
2.      Sustainable Agriculture: Applicant should be conversant with cultural practices such as fertilizer application, weed, pest and disease control as well as animal production techniques.
3.      Identification of Farming Problems and Innovation: Applicant should be able to identify and solve environmental problems affecting his/her Agricultural enterprise using indigenous knowledge or technology.
4.      Record Keeping: Applicant should have adequate knowledge of book/record keeping that will assist him/her to evaluate the success or failure of the enterprise.
5.      Adoption of New Technology: Applicant should prove that he/she is in tune with innovations with regard to improved practices, inputs and techniques which will increase his/her agricultural productivity.
6.      Farmer’s Role in his or her Community: To be considered suitable for the award, the farmer must contribute towards the growth of the community in which he or she lives in. He/she should extend to, or share knowledge with other farmers in the community.
7.      General Impression of Applicant and Agric enterprise: The general outlook of the applicant and his/her agric enterprise is very important. The applicant should be able to demonstrate potentials in the enterprise that can be used to empower other youth and community members.
All applications must be submitted ONLINE on or before Friday, February 27, 2015.

The award will be presented during the 1ST National Youth Agric Festival on March 18, 2015 in Abuja.
            Register to participate at